Sturdy by experience

LHDs from Schopf are suitable for all materials over the widest range of bulk densities. Schopf supplies 3.5t to 18t payload underground loaders to the mining industry. The components, tried and tested over the years, and the usual maintenance and serviceability ensure that our underground equipment stands out from the crowd.


  • Ejector shovel
  • Closed cabin with AC
  • Fire-extinguishing system
  • Central lubrication system
  • Video system
  • Remote control
  • Shovel weight decay

Type SFL35

Schopf’s smallest LHD with its 3.5-ton payload and 1,400 mm width was initially designed for operations in narrow tunnels and galleries and, with its ruggedness and maneuverability, has been a winner for almost 30 years. The SFL35 comes with the same features as its bigger brothers SFL60 to SFL180: extremely robust articulated hinge frame, Kessler axles, cooled Posistop brakes and Clark transmission.

Technical Data

  • Power rating: 74.9 kW (102 MHP)
  • Payload: 3,500 kg
  • Bucket volume (SAE): 1.5 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)
  • Total weight: 11,000 kg


The SFL60XLP has been specially developed using tried and tested Schopf components for thin-seam mining operations. The impressive technical data are achieved by combining Schopf's articulated hinge frame with straightforward yet rugged technology, while easy accessibility makes the vehicle extremely maintenance-friendly. Comfort and safety for the operator are paired with reliable technology for the grueling conditions underground.

Technical Data

  • Power rating: 129 kW (175 MHP)
  • Payload: 6,000 kg
  • Bucket volume (SAE): 2.7 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)
  • Total weight: 20,500 kg


The SFL60FLP is the ultimate explosion-proof 6-ton loader for thin-seam coal mining. The articulated hinge frame is the key to a vehicle height of only 1.38 m. The Z-linkage and 3.2 cu.m. ejector bucket - together with an outstanding tractive power of 190 kN - make it ideal for the most demanding loading and hauling work in seams as thin as 1.6 m and the surrounding rock. Despite its low height, the vehicle has a safe and ergonomic cab for the operator.

Technical Data

  • Power rating: 129 kW (175 MHP)
  • Payload: 6,000 kg
  • Bucket volume (SAE): 3.2 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)
  • Total weight: 20,500kg

Type SFL65

The compact SFL65 is ideal for loading narrow-width underground dump trucks with 25-ton payloads and the higher box heights that are becoming increasingly common for haulage. It is also available in a HiLift version, which offers a tipping height of 2.5 m with the ejector bucket.

Technical Data

  • Power rating: 160 kW (217 MHP)
  • Payload: 6,500 kg
  • Bucket volume (SAE): 3.5 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)
  • Total weight: 21,000 kg

Type SFL100

The SFL100 is a powerful midsize production loader. This 10-ton underground loader with Z-linkage is ideal for use with 30 to 40-ton payload underground dump trucks. The raised seating position gives the operator excellent all-round visibility for maximum safety and productivity.

Technical Data

Power rating: 200 kW (272 MHP)

Payload: 10,000 kg

Bucket volume (SAE): 5 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)

Total weight: 36,000 kg

Type SFL120

This underground loader is the answer to increasing demand for 5 to 6 cu.m. loaders in the same compact size as smaller machines. With its Z-linkage and 227 kW engine, this is a highly productive loader for underground working including ramp development.

Technical Data

  • Power rating: 224 kW (304 MHP)
  • Payload: 12,000 kg
  • Bucket volume (SAE): 6 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)
  • Total weight: 37,850 kg

Type SFL140

The compact SFL140 combines high-capacity working with engine technology from Cummins. With a 14-ton payload and Schopf’s proven features, including a safe and ergonomic cab and reliable technology, the SFL140 is just right when you need more loader in less space.

Technical Data

  • Power rating: 250 kW (340 MHP)
  • Payload: 14,000 kg
  • Bucket volume (SAE): 7 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)
  • Total weight: 41,000 kg

Type SFL150

The SFL150's powerful engine and 7.5 cu.m. SAE-standard bucket are invaluable when working mines with gradients or mining in stopes with varying dips. The biggest fuel tank capacity in this LHD class is the key to outstanding availability. The spacious and air-conditioned operator's cab has a comfortable seat and offers an excellent all-round view for maximum safety and efficiency.

Technical Data

  • Power rating: 306 kW (416 MHP)
  • Payload: 15,000 kg
  • Bucket volume (SAE): 7.5 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)
  • Total weight: 44,000 kg

Type SFL180

The 18-ton payload SFL180 is our largest underground loader. Expect Schopf's usual high standards: user-friendliness, safety and easy maintenance, plus the rugged design of all components for long service life and maximum availability. With its 9 cu.m. bucket, the SFL180 is top of the league.

Technical Data

  • Power rating: 336 kW (457 MHP)
  • Payload: 18,000 kg
  • Bucket volume (SAE): 9 cu.m. (depending on bulk density)
  • Total weight: 50,000 kg